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Mail relaying with NetSuite

When sending a reply to a valid “message.@messages.netsuite.com” address, I discovered something interesting. NetSuite uses these addresses to store a copy of the message with the order, then forwards the message along to the real destination. However, the forwarding method is busted.

It translates the headers in the original message. I sent:

From: Ian Gulliver <ian@penguinhosting.net>
To: “George Sasson (PAA)” <messages.<msgid>@messages.netsuite.com>
Cc: ian-djmart@penguinhosting.net

It internally translated this to:

From: ian@penguinhosting.net
To: george@proaudioamerica.com
Cc: ian-djmart@penguinhosting.net

It then passed the message to its outgoing mail program, which reparsed the headers. In this case, it means that I got two copies of the message; one from my local MTA because of the CC, and one back from NetSuite because of the CC.

prox helped me test this; it works when the CC isn’t coming back to the same host. That means it’s a valid relay method.