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CD-ROM multi-drive sarge installation

I realize we only have a couple of months left that this matters, but it drove me nuts for hours today, so I thought I’d share.

The Debian sarge installer completely flips out if there’s more than one CD/DVD drive, you have discs in both, and the Debian disc isn’t in the first. The easy answer is, of course, take a disc out. It’s rather hard when it’s in the BladeCenter tray in NJ and you’re in upstate NY.

You can’t mount the drive yourself. There’s a bug in the installer that won’t detect which distro it’s trying to install, and it starts searching for files that don’t exist (/cdrom/dists//Release). Useless.

However, it turns out that devfs is writable in places. You can go into /dev/cdroms/, remove all the links, and recreate just a cdrom0 link to whichever /dev/scsi/ or /dev/ide/ device you like. Poof, functional.