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A new generation of Google MySQL tools

When I started at Google, the MySQL team had a moderate open source presence. The largest part was the Google server patches for 4.0, 5.0 and some starter work on 5.1. There was also a small set of tools: mypgrep, mstat and some others. Chip Turner, who did the tools releases, had already moved to another team, and we haven't released new tools since.

I'm now happy to announce a new round of tool releases. We're just getting started, but here's what's available so far:

These are the actual tools being used to run MySQL at scale inside Google, not one-time sanitized copies. You can get them at http://code.google.com/p/google-mysql-tools/. The old tools and patches are still available in old/.

Thanks to the whole team for their work on these tools and especially to Razvan Musaloiu-E. for handling release code reviews. Watch/subscribe to this blog or subscribe to the google-mysql-tools mailing list for future updates. If you'll be at the 2011 MySQL conference, stop by my talk with Eric Rollins on automatic failover and Mikey Dickerson's on detecting data drift.