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Video sharing sucks

So, I took some friends to iFlySFBay the other evening. We had a great time and they gave us a DVD. It's certainly not the awesomest format to share with your friends, so I used HandBrake to rip it to h264. Next up: how do I easily share it?

I started with DropBox. Upload was nice and easy but there's no playback UI; you're stuck with your browser UI, which is pretty lousy in Chrome, but works: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13482590/iFLY.m4v

Next up: Amazon Cloud Drive. Hold on, what, no sharing?

Then: PicasaWeb. 1 GB size limit?!?

OK, I guess I'll fall back to YouTube, since they removed the video length limit. "Failed (unable to convert video file)." Chrome can play it but YouTube can't decode it?

Facebook: 1 GiB/20 minute limit.

This really should not be a hard problem. It's a compressed version of a 30 minute movie. Why is this so difficult?